Industry Sectors

Sustainable Enterprise Consulting works across a range of industrial sectors from natural resources, to manufacturing, to consumer products and retail. Our principle consultant, Kevin Brady, has over twenty years of experience advising multi-national corporations, industry associations and governments on their sustainability strategies and programs. Our approach is to work with our clients in a partnership, to which they bring the knowledge of their organisation, and we bring the processes and tools needed to effectively integrate sustainability into strategy and decision-making.


Sustainable Business

Strategy Development

Ensuring that the senior leadership of your organisation is aligned on the strategic direction and implementation framework needed for driving innovation and performance is a critical success factor in any sustainability initiative. Sustainable Enterprise Consulting provides guidance on all aspects of the strategy development process from business case analysis, to stakeholder engagement to detailed implementation plans.  We provide guidance on how to effectively integrate governance, social and environmental considerations into your organisations strategy and planning processes.   We do this in ways that engage your organisation’s leadership team as well as the full range of internal and external stakeholders needed to align your organisation with your strategy.

Business Process Integration

Hardwiring environmental and social performance aspects into core business processes is one of the greatest challenges in executing a sustainability strategy.  Supply chain management, procurement, product development, facilities management, sales and marketing need tools and data to help ensure they are improving performance and managing risk. Sustainable Enterprise Consulting provides guidance on how to; engage the owners of these business processes; adjust the processes; and develop the indicators and metrics to track performance.


Sustainable Investment

The financial risks and opportunities associated with climate change, population growth and resource consumption are growing.  Organisations that manage these risks and opportunities effectively will be a better investment. Sustainable Enterprise Consulting supplements traditional financial analysis by providing an evaluation of an organisations ability to identify sustainability risks and to drive innovation. We evaluate a company’s governance structure, management systems and key programs and provide our financial clients with a rating of the company’s ability to manage risks and capitalise on innovation opportunities.



Clean Technology firms need to be able to tell the story of their technology in ways that engage customers, investors and regulators. Sustainable Enterprise Consulting’s clean technology services can help you tell your story credibly and accurately. We assist clean technology firms in understanding the sustainability or environmental footprint of their technology, material or product and document the benefits using best in class tools, standards and protocols. We also assist our clients in communicating with investors, customers and regulators.



Policy Development

Shifting to more sustainable forms of consumption and production is one of the greatest challenges the world is facing in the 21st century. Sustainable Enterprise Consulting provides research and policy analysis services to governments interested in implementing policies and programs to drive more sustainable forms of consumption and production. Drawing on our deep understanding of the drivers, tools and information available to industry we support governments in designing policies and programs that will reduce impacts, drive innovation and support new forms of economic development.

Program Development

A more sustainable economy requires all stakeholders to develop new ways of producing and consuming.  Governments have an important role to play in developing programs that will support innovations in resource extraction, product design, production processes and resource recovery. Governments also have considerable opportunity to improve their own operations and procurement processes. Sustainable Enterprise Consulting provides a range of advisory and facilitation services that are focused on helping governments develop programs that will support the transition to more sustainable forms of consumption and production.